Aaaand We’re Back…. Now with triple the Aspiration!

So having moved twice in less than two months has taken quite a toll on my free time, thus I apologize for my neglect. But now we’re back, in a place with nice interwebs, so I can pick up where we left off. For starters I have here many sketches from my book which I would like to share; I have been trying to break away from my comfort zone with these sketches, and trying to explore new techniques.

I am also starting a new book project called the Knights of Thimble; a children’s/young adults illustrated novel of Sidhe or “little people” who believe in the myths of humans and their knights in shining armor, so they go to prove that humans exist and all sorts of misadventures ensue. It is still in its development stages, but I will be posting up concepts and illustrations for it here, plus snippets and notes when I can.

I am going to be starting another book project on kickstarter that I would like everyone to keep an eye out for; The God Forge is a story that has been in the works for a really long time, and we are finally getting to the point where it can be edited and then published. So we will be using kickstarter to help with funding that, with lots of incentive packages that should have something for everyone.

On top of that I am starting a new “business” of which there will be a separate introductory post ;D so stay tuned for that.

I also had a massive hard drive crass which resulted in the loss of my thrones I was modeling for the Thrones of Skyrim mod; thus I must remake them, but it should not be too difficult and I can get them set up, packaged and released. If anyone out there in my modding community is willing to help me with some texturing and scripting, it would be appreciated; send me an email or contact me on the BethSoft forums under KeeleeHamomin.

And finally, I have two more Hordes of the Undead posts on the way very shortly; Colour Theory of the Undead, where I will cover undead pallets and dramatic horror lighting, and Undead Gestures which will include different action and non action poses for your undead concepts. I will also be including some of my own concepts I have been working on as examples.

So without further adieu, I have here some first drafts and quick sketches from my sketchbook. Mostly random practice things, but the first is the first character portrait of the main character of Knights of Thimble. More to come on that soon.