Kayla Perisho

Concept Artist




Fiercely creative game artist with innate understanding of the gaming industry, the process of creating art for games and with over ten years’ experience including traditional, fine art, and digital illustration skill; exceptionally versatile, with a passion for games, their art, and production.


  • Mold-able, fast learner with a passion for improvement
  • Valuable team member with natural leadership skills
  • Vast and versatile imagination; always thinking of new ideas
  • Professionally committed and adaptable to change
  • Extremely goal oriented and career driven
  • Strong ability to express thoughts and communicate clearly
  • A deep attention to detail while keeping an eye on the big picture
  • Conscious of deadlines; always punctual

Technical skills

  • Traditional skills
    • Graphite, charcoal, pastel, India ink, watercolor, oil, air-brush
    • Over eighteen years traditional experience
    • Workable knowledge of anatomy
    • Colour theory
    • Advanced Conceptual and illustration skills
    • Digital Illustration, texture and concept proficiencies
      • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
      • Sketchbook Pro
      • Corel Painter
      • Adaptable skills with several tablet models
      • Digital modeling and animation skills
        • 3DS Max
        • Zbrush
        • Autodesk Maya,  Mudbox
        • Daz, Bryce, Poser experience
        • Knowledge of rigging
        • Natural movement studies
        • Adobe Aftereffects
        • Engine and platform skills
        • Bethesda Creation Kit
        • Xbox, Nintendo, Sony consoles
        • PC, Windows Xp/Vista/7
        • Microsoft Office, all programs
        • Unreal Development Kit
        • Education
          • Westwood College:

          Bachelors of Game Art-2011

          • Thompson Valley High- 2006

          Advanced Studio Art-2006

        • Project Work Experience
        • Hell Steam: Student projectCharacter Design lead
        • Avatar Bending Masters: PersonalIn Progress; publication pending
        • Legacy Final Days: PersonalIn Progress
        • Divinity Green: CommissionLogo and flyer design
        • Hybridmaille: CommissionLogo and web design
        • Artistic Interests
          • Illustration
          • Conceptual art
          • Character creation
          • World building
          • Creative writing
          • Role playing; Dungeons and Dragons
          • Costume and prop design
          • Graphic and logo design
          • Animation and graphic art conventions

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