Game Mods: Thrones of Skyrim

So, looking through the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim art book, I came across the awesome concept of the throne for Whiterun. It is made of crystal, and has an open atrium full of trees behind; the reasoning for leaving this out was that it was “too specialized” of an item. But really, in a grand RPG game like the Elder Scrolls, don’t you want as much specialization as you can get? I think so, so I am taking this very small journey at first, to bring more of that into Skyrim.

So I announce my Work in Progress unofficially titled the Thrones of Skyrim. I will be making relatively small changes to the throne rooms of all the holds to include custom Thrones and some changes to the architecture of the throne rooms to better accommodate the new thrones.

~Whiterun: I will be making very small changes to the original concept in the art book. I feel the concept is appropriate for the city of Kynareth.

~Solitude: A large throne suitable for the seat of the Empire in Skyrim. Set around this throne will be a total of nine tiered pillars, one for each of the nine divines.  The throne itself will be white marble atop a set of grand stairs.  I am thinking of opening the wall behind the throne to give a view of that epic land bridge leading out to the ocean.  If I cannot create the balcony I want, I may just make that scene into a sweeping mural behind the throne.

~Markarth: Well a dwarven throne of course. The throne will be stone accented with cogs, struts and other dwarven metal decorations as well as dwarven style geometric carvings.  Behind the throne will be a large dwarf head spewing lava which will channel down the stairs on either side of the throne to give a more dramatic atmosphere as well as an extra source of light.

~Windhelm: This thrones design is based on viking ships.  The seat of the throne will be flanked by two ship prows carved in the shape of Norse dragons.  The back will be a great mast, with rigging and a flag of Windhelm.

~Riften: One of the richest cities (previously, and not by “honest” means)  the throne of Riften will symbolize extravagance.  The throne will have a Baroque kind of style; it will be set atop a sweeping stair, flanked by golden drapery which will dip to the stewards throne (appearing to be carved of golden drapes and clouds).  The main throne will be plush, and very decorative made entirely of gold and velvet.  Behind the throne will be carved golden clouds, and on the wall above the throne will be more clouds and the suns shining rays.  I also intend to fit a beehive under the throne, so the iconic honey makers of Riften will lazily buzz around the throne room.

The minor holds thrones will be:

~Falkreath: Being the site of the ancient graveyard in Skyrim, their throne will represent this.  The throne itself will be ancient standing stones covered in carvings and vines.  Behind the throne will be a barrow, also covered in vines and moss, with shields and swords of ancient heroes hanging around it.  In the barrow will be the body of one of these ancient heroes, his shield and armor proudly displayed to his descendants for all time. (not lootable… of course)

~Morthal: A carved wooden throne with a Gothic inspired design.  Inset in several carved nooks on the throne will be candles, as well as brackets behind to hold torches.  Either side of the throne will be natural tree stumps also full of torches and candles and covered in the mushrooms which grow in the swampy area.  There will also be a constant mist in the throne room.

~Winterhold: The original capital of the kingdom of man should have an appropriately epic throne.  This ancient and cracked stone throne proudly displays its ancient heritage as made obvious by the ancient Nord style and decoration.  It sits top a stone plinth which has seen better days.  From being moved many times over, and withstanding the destruction of Winterhold, this throne is weathered and cracked, but like the Nords it represents, it still stands strong.  Behind the throne, now residing in a much newer longhouse, is a framed mural of the former glory of Winterhold and the battle of Ysgrimor and the Sea Ghosts.

~Dawnstar: Home of the “largest” sea port in Skyrim, the throne of Dawnstar seems to be crafted of ancient ship woods.  The throne is similar to medieval hooded thrones, with many delicate magically enchanted icicles hanging down from its hood.  Behind and around the throne is an everlasting ice-burg chunk inlaid with golden carvings depicting ships on the sea in celebration of Dawnstar’s nautical history.

I have here WIP Concepts of these thrones.  This is the first round of concepts, they will be finalized and updated within the week:

After the throne and throne rooms themselves are finished, I will then be attempting to make customized animations for each throne, to better suit the new thrones and the Jarls who reside in them.  I may also release slight variations of the textures on the thrones, which would change depending on the Jarls who are replaced in the Civil War quests.


2 thoughts on “Game Mods: Thrones of Skyrim

  1. Bull says:

    Looks good 🙂

  2. FloorBelow says:

    I wrote this in the Bethsoft forums, but I’ll post it here too:
    Have one of the columns on the
    Solitude throne be toppled and destroyed, to
    represent Talos worship being banned. When/if
    the Stormcloaks take Solitude, the coloumn should
    be repaired.

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