Sketchbook Update April 2012

Well, it’s spring which usually means change and new beginnings; there has certainly been a lot of that happening here.  I have completely finished my schooling, and so am now a proud bearer of a Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design.  It was a long and sometimes difficult journey but it was well worth it.

I feel quite accomplished and have now started my quest for a position in my field of study.  It seems that searching for a great career is, in itself, like a full time job; many nights have been spent applying, researching, drawing and preparing.  I cannot wait for that answer to come back, and I can step into my life.

But with the good, there is the not so good.  My flash drive; my brave and steadfast 8gig Cruzer which carried my entire life within its modest, plastic casing, finally performed its last sync and went to the great gadget drawer in the sky.  In short… it melted.  Literally.  So I have been frantically trying to recover and remake four years worth of documents, paintings and records.  This includes a lot of the work I intended to post here, which has cut my portfolio down considerably.  I can remake these things, but it is taking some time; thus my lack of updates here, which I apologize profusely for.

I will also me moving very shortly, which again, is cutting up my carefully scheduled time.  But well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.  I will be continuing my work here, even if it means staying up till sunrise doodling away.  I have also will be posting up some tutorials very soon, so stay tuned for that.

I just have some first drafts here, more to come.

Images are Norther Hunter (original characters), Wraith King, Quetzl Kobold and details, Hellsteam Character Concepts (Jesibell, Amalia, Tommyknocker, Dr. Kerring), Kingdom Flags, Knights of Truth and Beauty Armor


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