Sketchbook Update January 2012

2012 marks the beginning and end of a great number of things.  To some it simply marks the beginning of a new year, while to others it symbolizes the beginning of the end of the world.  For me, the end of college in December of last year, means 2012 is the beginning of the next great phase of my life and the search for the starting point of my career.

Tomorrow is the new moon and the Chinese new year; the year of the Water Dragon, which happens to be the most auspicious for myself, being a dragon sign.  So as part of my new years resolution I am starting a “new page” in my sketchbooks.  I have started a daily sketch group, which I intend to keep up with and update under a new theme or idea every day.  Starting with this sketch dump, I will post my daily sketches and studies here at least once a month or every other week.

I will also make a list of the themes of each sketch, so everyone can see and understand the designs.  January’s sketches are as follows:

Briar Rose, a Creature which creates Black Holes, Baroque clockwork bugs, Dragon Battle, Self at Life Stages, and Video Game Character in a Different Art Style.


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