Above and Beyond Imagination

Self“I reject your reality and substitute my own.” Adam Savage

As an artist I am given free reign on creativity and artistic license to change the world around me into something far more grand and beautiful.  As a game artist, I am able to take that world, and allow others to play with it, to interact with my imagination.  There is nothing more gratifying than to see my art inspire others.

Nor’Athan means above and beyond; my motto when it comes to creativity and imagination.  This blog and portfolio will not only showcase my art, and the worlds I have created, but will serve as a document of my artistic journey.  Here you will find my Concepts and designs, as well as my sketchbook, artistic journal, my creative writing, and mods I have created for other games.

I appreciate constructive critiques on my work, as well as any suggestions.  I will also accept commissions.  Please enjoy my works, and stay tuned for updates.

~Kayla Perisho, Nor’Athan